Cleantech - made in Switzerland

Modular Prefabricated Compact Power Plants

The demand for renewable energy has increased significantly throughout the world. Simple, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions are being sought for our energy supply. The energy potential of our rivers with low gradients from 1 – 3 m and water volumes of 0.5 – 20 m3/s and more is substantial. Vortex technology harnesses this potential in the best possible way. Compared to other small hydropower generation systems, vorteco power plants strike an optimal balance between environmental impact and cost / performance ratios.

Designed and manufactured by vorteco

vorteco ag, headquartered in Technopark Aargau and Tegerfelden, Switzerland is the technology leader for Vortex power plants. As a Cleantech company, we unite technology and ecology in the generation of renewable energy. We deliver Vortex power plants in different performance ranges as standardised products and collaborate with international partners. Ecology, cost, effectiveness and quality are our top priority.
VORTECO WATER VORTEX POWER PLANTS A synergy of technology - environment - society
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Polytechnic colleges and research  centers are our most important partners in research and  development. Continuous implementation of new findings  guarantees us technological leadership.